“We will not Falter
We will not Tire
We will not Fail”


This beautiful and moving graphic was created by Dani........ She is a newer member of PSP Magic, but one of those people you instantly call a "Friend". She is very sharing, very talented and very creative.

Dani's grandfather did all the plumbing work in the twin towers (his plumbing
company was sold when he died 25 yrs ago) - they have been a visual reminder of her heritage that is gone.... She also has some very personal memories of 9/11/01 as one of her very dear friends Anthony, was killed on that day. He is missed very much by all that knew him. I believe he lives in our hearts as one of the Heroes, and we will continue to pray for the healing of his family and friends.

I was so touched by her story of Anthony, I dedicate this page to Anthony and all his friends and family. God Bless you all, Hugs from Tish




September 11, 2001

Today some cowards tried to topple freedom. They tried to laugh in the face of all that America stands for, in the face of what the world strives for.

But they failed...

America isn't as strong as it was when it awoke to the work day. It is stronger...

America isn't as proud as it was when dawn touched the sky this morning. It is prouder...

America isn't as brave as it was fighting rush hour traffic to it place of business today. It is braver.

Show your strength. Show your pride. Flaunt it in the face of evil.

Fly your flag! Display the colors of this great nation through this tragic time. If you don't have one, go get it. Fly is as a symbol that it...that we as a people...will bow to no one!!!

" Author Unknown"

Anthony, you are missed........


Do not forget Anthony and all the Anthony's that we lost on 9/11/01

Please fly a flag on your website. If you do not have one, feel free to right click on the one below and save it to your hard drive.

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“Angels, as friends, come along when you need them”

Animated Flag

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