“We will not Falter
We will not Tire
We will not Fail”

Sept. 11, 2001 will be a day never forgotten by this generation, and generations to come. It truly impacted the World. As each 11th. rolls around, I think to myself, how could this have happened? Since, I know we will never have the answers, I try to create a tribute graphic for all those that suffered on that horrible day, and for those that are still fighting for our freedom. My Prayer is that all these Guardian Angels will be home with their families and loved ones soon, and enjoy the freedom they are fighting for.

I have tried to express some of my heartfelt emotions by designing this web site as a tribute to all of our heroes and their families.

Please click on the Saluting Angel to enter.

Angel Flag


“Angels, as friends, come along when you need them”


Animated Flag

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