I recently learned how to make my own gradients for PSP 7 by following one of Mahogony's tutorials. They are so much fun to make, I am sure you will want to make your own. I am sorry to say that Mahogony has taken her tutorials off the net. However if you would like to make your own gradients, give this TUTORIAL a try. *** IMPORTANT *** Please use your explorer and go to your Gradient Folder and mark the gradients READ ONLY, so that you will not overwrite them. It is very easy to overwrite an existing gradient, and it will be gone..... sighhhhhhhhhhh.

Meanwhile, until you get started, here are a few that I made for sharing. No copyright issues and no requirements except: Please do not claim them as your own.... : ) or upload them to any other site for downloading. May you always have colorful rainbows in your life...

Gradient 5
Gradient 6
Gradient 4
Gradient 08
Gradient 09 Gradient 7
Tish Pink Grad    

"Angels, as friends, come along when you need them."


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"Angels, as friends, come along when you need them."



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