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Tish's Favorite Computer Crafting Supplies

Everyone has individual preferences when it comes to computer crafting supplies.
These just happen to be a few of my favorites and I thought it might help the newbies out
to know more about supplies we use. Be sure you check out the following pages too as I have uploaded many ideas for storage, crafts and supplies from other Pals. : )

FINALLY, I have found a tape that is invisible on vellum. I have only tested it on one vellum and I had printed out a pattern on the vellum. Regardless, it looked better than anything else I have ever tried. Make sure your hands are squeaky clean when you use this because anything on your fingers will show up when you touch the tape. I do not know where I got this at, and did not look for it on the web for you. I am pretty sure I picked it up at a Scrapbooking Store. If any of you find a site or two that I could list here, please let me know.


This is how I store my thin laminate. This can be used without a laminator and just with an iron. ( I have not tried that yet..... Irons are for iron on transfer paper LOL ) I bought a dowel that would go thru the laminate, and I put it in this Stacking Basket. The dimensions of the basket are 16 1/4" Long, 11" wide, and 7 3/4" high. It works perfectly for me. I just pull it out and use a sheet of paper to measure how much I want, and I keep scissors in the basket so they are always handy to cut. I keep a dust cover over it because even if you have a really clean house, the dust is attracted to this. I also use a lint free cloth to dust it off before I use it. I purchase my thin laminate directly from


I also found this page that has some good prices on

Laminating Supplies


If you enjoy using punches, IMHO, the Power Punch is a must. I had stopped using most of my punches because they were so difficult for me to use. They'd get stuck, they wouldn't go thru all the papers, and I ruined a lot of projects, not to mention the abuse to my hands. LOL As you can see this comes with many different templates to fit all sizes and styles of punches. Just slide the punch into the template that fits it best, slide your card in, press down one the lever, and there you go. EZ to do, and your hands are fine. This is just one of the sites you can purchase this power punch from and I believe Sue Beck also carries it. You can also go to Google and type in Power Punch and you will get lots of hits and can price shop.

Power Punch

Miracle Tape
I use this tape for just about all my crafting projects. I use it for ribbons, border embellishments, embossing, candy bar wrappers and more.
I get mine from Sue Beck
Wacky Wagon
You can also get this at most rubber stamping stores and craft stores.
Here is another link for you to check it out. Catalog, Rubber Stamp Supplies,scroll down and you will see Miracle Tape. It is a busy page and slow loading.
Las Vegas Stampo
This is basically the same product as the Miracle tape, but it is slightly more expensive because the rolls are smaller. However, it might be easier for some of you to get as it is usually available at most fabric stores and crafting stores. You can see the product at the Thermo Web online pages. It also has a store locater so you can purchase the product.
Peel N Stick tape
Favorite Glitters
The ones on the left, I use, but are not my favorites. However, you can get these at most crafting stores. The brand is Duncan Glitter Writers.
The ones on the right are Sparkles glitter writers and Stickles glitter writers. The Sparkles being my very, very favorite with stickles running a close second. They come in all colors. These can be purchased from Sue Beck or most rubber stamping stores. I have not seen them at the craft stores.
Wacky Wagon
The Sparkles Glitter Writers, rarely, if ever are too thick for me to use. I can pick one of them up and almost immediately use it, even if it's been a while since I used that color. It is very simple to take the caps off and use Qtips to get out the last drop. LOL They all have very fine tips for detail glittering.
Next to Sparkles Glitter Writers and ribbons, Class A Peels are a favorite embellishment of mine. They come in all sizes, shapes and colors. You can get these at most Rubber Stamping Stores or Scrapbooking Stores. They are delicate, and add a real elegant touch to your projects.
This UHU glue stick is the one I prefer over any others. It has more silicone in it than most glue sticks, so goes on very smoothly and has a tendency to stick better.
I have two Fiskars Personal Trimmers. Since the blades are interchangeable, you only need one, but I prefer two as it makes it easier for me to complete my projects. The black blade is a scoring blade. It does not cut thru the card stock, it scores it so you can get a nice fold in your cards. The orange blade is used for trimming. I use it on cards and magnets.
I do not work for any of these companies and do not get compensated for talking about their products. They just happen to be some of my favorite crafting tools and I wanted to share them with you. Everyone has their own preference and I strongly recommend for you to experiment until you find the products that meet your needs. I will be adding more tools, so check back again.

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