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Pal's Favorite Supplies and Storage Ideas

Thanks to the Pals for sharing some of their ideas for storage and some of their favorite supplies.

Terri Jo and Leroy

If you have some additional toys that you would like to share with the pals and do not have web space, just send them to me and we'll add another page for you. : )

Genesis Trimmer
Coil Punch
Genesis Cutter - This is on my Must Have List. The light below the cutter allows for precise cutting. The blades last forever, and it increases the speed and accuracy that you can cut many items. It even cuts thru the thin magnets without any problem.
This is the coil binder for making small booklets or larger booklets, calendars and anything you want to put together as a booklet. I use scraps of papers and put little tablets together for the kids to play with when they come over. I personally, still prefer my regular binder over this one, but it is fun to play with.

Book Drill


( From Terri Jo ) The Japanese book drill is pretty cool too - you can do 6 different size holes with that little baby - and - it is like a mini hand drill. It is really neat - I use it mostly for making the hanging hole in calendars, etc - but - have also used it to make holes in inviations, etc to put ribbon through. Because it is different than a paper punch (no handle like a regular punch) -
you can basically put a hole anywhere - even the middle of a piece of paper if you want!

Ibico Binder

Xyron Laminator

This is the kind of binder I have. You can use the plastic combs which are very reasonable to purchase and you can use the wire combs. I don't know how to use the wire combs yet, but Darlene is going to show me how. LOL
This product is fun, and an inexpensive way to get into laminating, but I find that I do not use it very much. It would not be on my "Must' have list. You can buy different types of laminate for it though and many of the pals make a lot of use out of it. A big advantage is that it does not require electricity and it is safe for the kids to use. I have the small one and use it to put adhesive on printed items for layering cards. I also use it on package labels.
Ibico Laminator Scanner
Terri Jo's Ibico Laminator. I have the Big Mouth one now and am very pleased with it. I did have the ibico one, and it served me well. I do prefer this type of laminating over the Xyron one, but it is personal preference.
Terri Jo's Acer Scanner. I have an OLD die hard HP Scan Jet 4P. I'll be in the market for a new one very soon. I am looking for one that will scan legal size documents w/o using a page feeder. If you ever spot one, please let me know. I do consider a Scanner one of the "MUST" have items. : )
Alps Printer Epson 980 Printer
Alps Printer - I hear these are wonderful and the quality of prints I've seen from them are beautiful.
Epson 980 - Although this is not a photo printer, I sure am happy with the quality of prints I get from this model. It is a discontinued model, but every once in a while you can find one on EBay. It is very fast.
Digital Cameras..... What can I say? They are a must have, even if you start out with an inexpensive model. You will be so thrilled, you will probably want to immediately upgrade, so go with the best that you can that your budget will allow. Always ask the pals because they know where the best prices are.
The Sizzix dye cut machine. This rage came out as I was going into my "no buy" mode, so I did not get caught up in the frenzy of these, but the Pals are sure having a good time with them.
Epson Photo1280
Epson Photo 1280 - I've heard great things about this one, but I don't know where to fit a fifth printer here. : )
The light touch (corner rounder) is a wonder if you are doing a lot of corner rounding in invitations, etc - you can go through a small phone book all at once to do a rounded corner (without even trying!) - it is an amazing little toy.

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