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This is NOT my original idea. A dear friend and member of PSP Magic,
Nancy S. sent this information to our group in text format.
I asked her permission to turn it into a tutorial with print screens for our group. For me,
visual is always better.
Thank you Nancy for the idea and all your help in putting this tutorial together.

These are all my original print screens as I tested the tutorial.
Please do not send this tutorial thru EMail or post it on any other site.
If you see this tutorial on any other web page, please notify Tish.

Please follow all PSPMagic guidelines when submitting your TOW lessons.
You may send two of each TOW. Since these do not go on the results pages,
you may also use the images provided with the tutorials.

Supplies Needed: PSP 7 +
Open up a new image 350x350, transparent background.
Select two pastel colors that you like,
I used #F2E0E0 & #9AD6D6.
Once you get thru the tutorial, I am sure you will want to experiment
with more color combinations. : )
The variety of effects are endless and fun to make.
01 soft plastic

After you have selected your colors, you will want to flood fill your image with a gradient.
You will select the first gradient, foreground/background.
It is my first one in my gradient library.

02 soft plastic03 soft plastic

Now, we want to click on Effects, Texture, Soft Plastic.
The settings we used are:
Blur 39, Density 34, Detail 14, Angle 90, Color White.
Play around with the numbers and use what you like best.

04 soft plastic05 soft plastic

06 soft plastic07 soft plastic
In the screen shot above, I have a box around SAVE AS.
That is to remind you to save the setting with a name that will help you out the next time
you want to use these same settings without having to hunt
down the tutorial. LOL : ) I also have a box at the right bottom
around the curved arrow. That is your RESET button,
so it will go back to the default if you don't know what you've changed
and don't really like the settings. This comes in very handy. : )

09 soft plastic

After you have applied your Soft Plastic and saved your settings, go to
Effects, Blur, Soften. Effects, Blur more.

Nancy also used Colors, Adjust Brightness and set the brightness up around 4.
I did not use the brightness, but please experiment and use what you like best.


11 soft plastic

This is my finished project and one of the backgrounds on this page.

For a variation of the above effect: Go to your original image,duplicate the image
so you do not lose your original design.Copy and paste as new layer on the duplicated image. Image, rotate 90 degrees.
Go to your layer palette and change the layer property to multiply.
Now you have a very easy to make plaid. : )

12 soft plastic

13 soft plastic

14 soft plastic

15 soft plastic

16 soft plastic

You could put the plaid or the stripes into a program like 20/20 or any other seamless tile filter and make a seamless tile out of it. We will be anxious to see the results that you come up with in your experiments with Soft Plastic. Thank you again Nancy for a fun way to use another one of our tools in PSP7. : )

Extra Tips from Nancy

A variation could be to sharpen rather than soften and
make the lines more definate and distinct so that it looks like cloth. It is a matter of personal choice and I hope that people play around with the settings. Also when the soft plastic effect is applied the color that is selected in soft plastic has a great effect on how the design looks. I believe that I chose a slightly more intense color for the soft plastic effect so that it made a more distinct design.

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