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Soap Making Tips

Have a few Pyrex Measuring Cups on hand so you can melt soap in each of them and add different coloring and fragrances.

Spray very lightly with Pam over your soap molds so the soap releases easier.

Make sure there is extra space in the freezer so you can speed up the setting process.

Have a Spray Bottle on hand with water, so if there are little bubbles on top of the soap after you pour, just spray and the bubbles disappear.

If you are going to give as gifts, you might not want to put in any fragrances due to allergies.

The most fun soap to make were the ones we made with the loofahs (purchased at Walmart) and the Crystal Lite Cans. We stuffed the loofah in to the crystal lite can, then poured the soap in and let it set. We removed the soap from the can and sliced. MAKE sure you have a GOOD knife. : )

The second most fun soaps we made were the ones we added the dryed out pansy blossoms to. ( Thank you Judy ) They turned out very elegant looking.

They were all fun to make, we added spices, fragrances,glitters, colors and played with all different types of molds.

Have fun making soap and share your soap making tips and ideas with us and I'll add them to the web page.

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