When the roses first started blooming, I took a few pictures and shared with a few friends. They really liked the pictures, but then, I got these comments:

IF that rose did not have the leaf partially covering it, it would make a great tube
IF the shadows were not covering the rose, it would make a great tube ETC.

WELL, have you ever tried to duplicate a digital photo with the perfect situation, no leaves, no shadows, the sun in the right place. LOL I sure tried, but never did get the perfect rose images. Since I took so many rose digital photos, I thought I would share them with you. As I continue my quest, I will upload more roses and let you know when they are up.

ENJOY - no copyright rules, no credit needed,I don't have to know where you use them. Please do not claim them as your own or put them in any collection for sale or download, and just have fun.

Just click on the thumbnails you like and a much larger image will open for you.

Rose 1
Rose 2
1 2 3( My Neighbor's Rose )
Rose 4
Rose 5
Rose 7
4 5 7 ( Sorry 6 was a dupe ) Be sure to see the full size of this one, so you can see the waterdrops.
Rose 8
Rose 9
Rose 10
8 9 10
Rose 11
Rose 12
Rose 13
11 12 13

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