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Pal's Favorite Supplies, Storage Ideas and Crafting Tips

Everyone has individual preferences when it comes to computer crafting supplies.
The Pals are very creative when it comes to recycling and using items in ways you would never dream of. These pages are dedicated to all the Pals that have taught me so much and brought so much fun and friendship to my life.



VERY KEWL, look at the way Pal Kay O. stores her thin laminate. I like this idea very much. : ) She keeps her scissors handy hanging on the dowel. Thanks for sharing Kay. : )

From Anna B., Thank you Anna

Even tho I have a lotta room, I like to consolidate the peripherals taking up
space around my desk but being close for me to use. This oak table was
initially used for a TV. If you look at the middle area, you can see where I
lowered the pullout shelf (usually for VCRs). I just removed the wooden bar
on either side and leveled/lowered them. This allows for the HP970 to be
pulled out easily when I need to change ink cartridges. There was still even
enough room under it for some paper and other storage. This old thing was in
the storeroom not being used....That's my wide-bed Epson 1280 on top.

Storage Anna B.

Do you have a storage tip to share with us? Just send me the photo, I'd love to put it up here. : )

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