Hi, my name is Lucy, and I'm a darling Malti-poo and was born on Aug. 15th., 2008. My Mom fell in love with me instantly, and I was pretty lucky because she's been looking for a puppy for at least 2 years or longer. I weighed 2 lbs. the first time my Mommy saw me, and she rushed me to the Vet the next day to make sure I was in good health. I have a little cough, but everyone thinks I'm going to be OK. When you see the pictures, you might notice that one side of me is all white, and the other side of me is black and white. I thought it might upset my new Mom, but she thought it was pretty cute. I'm really happy with my new home, and I am kind of spoiled, but they told me when I get older, I'll have to learn to get un-spoiled. RIGHT!!!!


I just got to the airport and I was so happy someone was there to get me. I was so scared in this big crate that holds up to 40 lbs. I only weigh 2lbs. I think they could of found something smaller for me. LOVE at first sight. This isMY MOM. I don't think she's ever going to put me down. That's OK, I love to be cuddled.
OH OH, I'm not sure this is going to work out. Sparkles doesn't seem to want anyone new in her house. Maybe if I'm nice, she'll get used to me. I'll try.
WHEW, I think he really likes me. : )
I can really tell that Mom Tish likes me, wonder if she'll let Mom Lisa take me home? Ha Ha, they think they are going to put a leash on me?? I would rather play with it.
It's been such a busy day, I'm SO ready for bed. Good night. I love everybody. Thank you for making sure I got a good home.
This is my white side.
This is my black and white side. I'm strong too, I can pull and drag around just about anything. Nothing is safe from me.




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