Lots of cameras around here.
They keep me in jail, and do not let me have run of the house. I was a pretty good escape artist, but they got on to me very fast, and I can't find a way out now.
These are Mom Tish's decorative bed pillows and if she forgets to put them on her bed, I love to hide between them, and squeeze under the bookcase so they can't find me. I also like to chew the tassels.
I love to be surrounded by toys, and Sparkles has lots and lots of toys, but she lets me use them when I'm at her house. Sometimes we fight over a toy, but not too often.
We tossed a coin to see who would get the bed and who would get the floor. She's older, so it's ok if she got the bed this time, most of the time we are both on the bed. Mom thinks this costume is pretty cute on me. Do you like it? I would of rather been an Angel.
NOW, this is fun, playing with the Halloween decorations. Twigs and leaves........ What more could a puppy ask for?
This is the pretty pillow I get to lay on in Mom Tish's powder room while she gets cleaned up and ready for the day. She really takes a long time, but she told me, it's because she's older and she has to do more things. I don't mind waiting, I usually take a nap.
This looks really cute to sit on. I wonder what it's for?
I figured it out, it's perfect for a nap. Mom Tish has to do a lot of exercise since she had back surgery, so I get on the treadmill to remind her that she needs to do that too.




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