Just a few of my favorite places.... I'll be adding more, so check back when you can. : )

A very dear friend of mine from Hawaii designs her own parchment crafting patterns. You can be lost at this site for a while seeing the lovely creations and designs. This is a very detailed, intricate work of art, but so lovely when completed.

Parchment Crafting

If you don't have the Simple Filters for PSP, you are missing out on some really fun and easy to use filters. FREE.. : )


For a bit of meditation and some relaxation, check out the amazing site.

Amazing Site

If you need a great little program for organizing your web sites, addresses, and many more items. Check out AZZ card files.

AZZ Card File

Do you have a lot of files to unzip at one time and find it a tedious process? What about all those tubes you downloaded? Check out Zip A Lot and get the job done quickly. : )

Zip A Lot

If you are interested in learning more about your greeting card programs, and computer crafting, drop by and check out the Pals Groups.

Pals ( PAM ) Group

Pals Crafting List

Are you looking for some great copyright free graphics that will enhance all your PSP and computer crafting projects? Please check out Teapots site. She's a very good friend and a very talented artist. If you use Micrografx Draw 6, her CD's for that program are a MUST HAVE.

Teapot Designs

You will have fun with this site. Be sure you enter your correct birth year when asked and you will get some great trivia information.

Birthday Fun

Convert any page on your screen to a PDF document that you can easily open up with Adobe. The free one does have ads on it, but once I tried it, I was more than willing to pay the $9.95 to register it. I do not know how I got along without it.
Do you need some creative templates that will make you look like a crafting professional? Check out Gayle's CD of Templates that can be used with most graphic programs.
Life's Little Tutorials - MUST see for fun and a smile. : )
Need some color pages or games for the kids? I found Nathaniel's site to be a lot of fun for adults too. : )

"Angels, as friends, come along when you need them."

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