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Joshua 1
Joshua waiting for the ceremony. Note of interest, I attended this very same school more years ago than I care to
remember. : ) The Circle of Life does continue on.
Joshua, looking quite holy, third row back, and trying very hard not to talk to the little girls he was sitting in between. He used to be quite shy, but NO more.
Joshua 3
JOsh 5
Tish & Lisa in front of Ken & Susan's house. This is the most beautiful bush I've ever seen. It's called Spanish Broom and it just gets bigger every year that I go out there.
We were very excited to have Frank & Mimi join us. My Mom had not seen Frank and Mimi for almost 4 years. We surprised her and it was a very happy surprise. : )
Josh 7
Josh 8
Amy and Will
Walter and Lethy

Josh 9

Judy, Nicole, Diane -Family conversation outside on a beautiful day.

Josh 10

Debbie, Lethy, Walter, Eloy - More Family conversation.

Josh 11

Mimi, Ken, Frank & Mom

Josh 12

Will, Ken, Frank

Josh 13

The Jaramillo Kids... : ) Left to Right
Diane, Will, Judy, Ken, Frank, Tish


Josh 14

The Girls - Diane, Tish, Judy

Josh 15

It's been a long standing joke in our family that the "In-Laws" are really the "Out-Laws", but not true at all. We have the best In Laws in the world.

Josh 16

One of those kodak moments. : )

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