It was a great evening seeing old friends at our annual dinner at the Brass Restaurant. If you did not join us this here, hope you can make it next year. It's lots of fun.
Our photographer, Ernie got some great pictures this year, if you want a printed photo, or you want a larger image sent to your email, just email me, and I will be happy to provide. Everyone seemed to prefer the dinner, without golf. If you have any other ideas, just send them Ernie's way. EMAIL ERNIE
Dennis Quinlan, Bill & Jeannie Doyle, Dave Sinclair, Dolores Quinlan
Jim and Bev Reynolds, Roy and Joyce Barnes
Carol Perry, Dolores Quinlan, Jeannie Doyle
Dennis Quinlan, Walt Perry
Barbara Johnson, Jim Wyllie
Hank Dannenberg, Beth Haisley
Bobby Holm, Janet Fanfa, Tom Berg, Deanna Holm
Anne Rothe, Theresa Fierro
Dave Beatty, Tom Evans, Barbara Evans
Jim Reynolds, Jerry Evans, Mike Whalen





"Angels, as friends, come along when you need them."


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