Ernie, Carol, Bev, Eric, Bob- Peterson friends having fun at Las Positas Golf Course, Livermore, Calif. July 28, 2009


" There is no better joy, than shared joy. "

We need more golfers to share with us next year !!!!



  1. Ernie Fierro
  2. Carol Perry
  3. Bev Reynolds
  4. Roger Wood
  5. Bob Bangs
  6. Dick Wilkes


Bev and Dick Wilkes


There were two three-somes playing. Ernie Fierro, Dick Wilkes, and Carol Perry on one team, and Bev Reynolds, Roger Wood, and Bob Bangs on the other.

Bev suggested a scramble format, which made the game easier and more enjoyable for all. The scoring competition was close between the two teams throughout the day, but when it was over the "A" team of Dick, Carol, and Ernie won by one stroke.

From comments we have received it looks like we'll have more golfers next year, and we hope you will join us.


Carol Perry, Bob Bangs
They look lost to me.


Carol Perry - Winning Team


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