Peterson Retirees and friends getting together for the second annual PIG. Due to Popular Request, next year's event will also be held at Las Positas Golf Course. Golfing during the day and dinner in the evening. Spouses included. Advance notice will be sent out. If you want more info just




If you want a printed photo, or you want a larger image sent to your email, just email me, and I will be happy to provide.

Dinner was also at Las Positas, and it was wonderful. Tri Tips, BBQ Chicken, 2 salads, coleslaw, baked beans, corn on the cob, veggies, garlic bread, and the most wonderful carrot cake for dessert. YUM... There were also PIG sugar frosted cookies provided by Lisa Fierro, thank you Lisa.


Attendees for Dinner

  • Anne Rothe
  • Barbara Johnson
  • Beth Haisley
  • Bev Reynolds
  • Bill and Candee Hammer
  • Bob Bangs
  • Bob and Deanna Holm
  • Bram Moulton
  • Dave and Joan Sinclair
  • Dennis Quinlan
  • Dick and Evette Wilkes
  • Don and Betty Stroot
  • Emil Hrast ( Cocktails only )
  • Ernie and Theresa Fierro
  • Jim Wylie
  • Mary Bettencourt
  • Roger and Janine Wood
  • Tony Texiera
  • Walt and Carol Perry
  • Wayne and Sol Early




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