On my way out the door with a MUCH lighter checkbook. : )


Marking the house SOLD ....... : )

Another view of the family room.

Another view of the couch. I am thinking of making an offer on the couch. It's hard to know. I'll sit on it when we go back to sign papers.

There is a beautiful long hallway to get into the Master Bedroom, and this is the furniture they have in the hallway.

The front door and the blue slate tile. The tile is thru out the house, with some of the rooms having carpeting, but not all of them.

This is the darling Alphabet Wall room. They could repaint it, but I just think it's cute, so want to leave it. It's cheerful. It has it's own bathroom. ( The Master BR, and 2 other Bedrooms have their own bathroom, plus there is a Guest Bathroom in one of the Hallways )

I wanted you to see the front porch, but it's kind of hard to tell in this picture. It's really pretty though.

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You might think I am excited......... HAH.... : ) Excitement is not the word.