This would be the view of the kitchen looking at it from the kitchen nook. To the left are the Kitchen Aid Refrigerator and Stove, and counter, cabinets and large, deep drawers. No more crawling on hands and knees to find Pots & Pans. The right side is the beautiful stainless steel kitchen sink which faces the family room.

This is a bit of the kitchen nook. The sliding doors to the backyard are to the left of the kitchen nook. The cabinets on the back are one of the pantries.

This is a better view of the refridgerator and the ovens on the left. 2 built in ovens ( convection, and I know nothing about convection cooking ) and there is also a built in microwave oven.

This is the view of the kitchen area from the family room side. The cabinets and bookcases you see are the back side of the kitchen sink.

Overview of kitchen and family room.

One more view of that neat kitchen. : ) Wonder how long it will stay neat after I move in..... hmmmmmm, is there room for Ernie's Popcorn Popper?

Isn't the stenciling on the walls pretty? This would be walking out of the kitchen to the laundry room on the left, OR, walking to the right, you would be at the front door. As you walk IN the front door,to the right, is a living room with a fireplace, and opposite that is a bedroom that has been fixed up as an office. As of right now, my plans are to make both those rooms offices for Ernie and myself. That way, we'll be right across from each other... : )

This is the right side of the laundry room which is right past the kitchen. The right side has cabinets above and below, and a sink. The left side is where the washer and dryer would go and has more cabinets. It's at least 3 times the size of mine now. It also has a door that you can go out, so it's very bright.

I don't really remember which hallway this is in. ha ha. I think it's near the kitchen though, but more counter space and more cabinet space.....

This is the view of the family room where the fireplace is. They will leave all the wall hangings we want, and all furniture is negotiable, as when they sell a model home, they just send all furniture to a consignment place. We'll see what we might want to keep.