Here are a few photos of the house that Ernie and I are hoping to buy. Keep your fingers crossed for us. I am SO excited. I will be adding more pictures as Lisa and I are going on Monday to put a deposit on it, and get all our paperwork.

It's a model home that just went up for sale yesterday 04/19/03. It's GORGEOUS.......2906 square feet, 4 car garage, 3 full bathrooms, and more storage than any home I've ever seen. Obviously, as you all know, I need
storage space...... : )

It is located in Livermore, California........ : )


This is obviously the front of the house. ha ha. It looks like a 2 car garage, but it is a 4 car garage deep. Look at the lovely Stone Pillars in the front. It is a single level, but they have the fake gable windows at the top to add to it's appearance. It has a small front porch, but it's lovely. All lawns are in, all fencing, sprinklers front and back and a security system. The driveway is deep and is a nice distance from the street, and is a level driveway. You could park on the driveway and go in the house thru the Laundry Room, and right into the kitchen with groceries, or you could go in thru the garage and into the kitchen.


This is the view of our neighborhood, walking out of the front door and looking to the right. Isn't it a pretty neighborhood? Look at how wide the streets are too........


This would be the view of the neighborhhood walking out the front door and looking to the left. I love the neighborhood...... Kids around, couples walking, some activity and life again. So NEW..... full of hope.


This is part of the Family Room, I will get better pictures when I go back. It's a very open floor plan, with the combined kitchen, family room and kitchen nook, and it does have a fireplace in the family room. There are sliding doors off the family room which leads to a beautiful stucco covered patio. The yards are VERY small so will be easy maintenance. All window treatments and all pictures on the walls will remain with the house.


These are the French Doors off the Master Bedroom. The room size is more than adequate and the closet is big enough to make another room out of if we wanted to. You can go thru those doors and go in and to the family room sliding doors........ That is the covered patio...... It's so kewl.


Another view of the bedroom, but it is hard to get the perceptive of it. The windows are all dual pane, and it has a Security System too.


This is just a portion of the Master Bathroom. It has two sinks, tons of counter space and at least 12 drawers. Since it was the model home, it's all updated and upgraded counter tops etc.

This is opposite the bathroom sinks..... It's a full sized jet tub or whatever they are called, plus a very full size shower. GORGEOUS. The house has lots of drawers, windows and is very bright and cheerful.


Awwwwwww, how cute, these are the little flowers planted in front of the house.... : )