The Golden Butterfly Legend
Author Unknown

BFLyOn a cold Christmas Eve a long time ago, a small child was admiring her Christmas tree. The fragrant tree had no ornaments, yet she was thankful she had a tree. She fashioned a small star from scraps of paper to adorn the very tip of the tree.

Unknown to her, tiny cocoons hid among the feathery branches. The Child went to sleep that night, and “Magical” things began to happen,. The cocoons awoke to reveal their bodies and wings of gold. Hundreds of butterflies emerged and fluttered with their shimmering wings landing on the branches. The child awoke to this surprising sight with giggles of joy.

This reminds us that when we are thankful for what we have, we will be blessed with even more.

Happy Holidays to your home from our home. May all your days be Magical, happy and safe. Hugs from Tish and Family 2003

"Angels, as friends, come along when you need them."


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Created 12/23/03

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